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Default Re: 80 cc skyhawk making NOISE!

Originally Posted by jkflyer View Post
I've recently stripped and remounted my girls gt avalanche with an 80cc Skyhawk for a new paint job.

All is back in place, it starts and runs well. However, I'm heaing a screeching and clanking coming from the engine. I'm assuming its the clutch???
First there is no such thing as an 80cc, the bore and stroke is 66cc, the 80cc propaganda is Chinese BS from years ago but vendors still use it because it makes the engine sound bigger ;-}

But back to the 66cc Skyhawk...
Do you hear this clanking siting still with the engine running?
If not your problem is one I have seen in every new 'parts in a box' Skyhawk kit with 415 chain, the chain is hitting the front of the clutch cover when it moves.

This is easy to verify, pull the left clutch cover off and look inside, you will see scratch marks on the flat side that goes towards the Magneto cover.

The fix is to just dremmel, grind, or cut the area where the chain hits a little ;-}
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