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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I tend to often misplace my phone ..So my wife installed an app called "Android Lost"
Well that FREE app saved me $300 bucks last week I inadvertently left my phone on my bicycles rear rack & took off to work the other morning it was below 0 temps

I spent a good part of my morning layering up I took the bike out side. my wife came to the door "you forgot your phone stupid ".

So I took it from my loving wife & set it on my rear rack while I put my gloves on I jump on my bike 8 miles later I get to work no phone I get home that night tell my wife the bad news . She jumps on the PC pulls up "" she went to the control page clicks "locate phone"

I could see approx where it was on the map So I got back on my bicycle fired it and was amazed at how long that phone hung on for dear life.

Taking direction from my wife I was on her phone she on kids phone she told me when I was on top of it
but I couldn't find it anyplace

My wife says hold on hun let me try something . She then instructed me to put her phone in my pocket and listen close then I heard it she remotely set off the alarm and I was able to hone in on it it was buried under 6" of leaves on the side of the road in fine working order good thing too because that night we got 14" of snow I love that app and installed it on every one of the families my entire android family of phones .

Another good thing about that app is if someone steals your phone you can send a message that POP's UP on any screen they may be on, and when they click OK or X to close it ,"CLICK" it snaps a forward facing photo,and attaches a real time GPS location to the picture. & cookie the crook is BUSTED!!

This app is unreal ..and to top that off it is free . yea they can prob read all my phone numbers see all ya pics but no more so than say facebook does besides..I've nothing to hide so!!! you can also lock the phone turn on or off wifi , gps, sync, you can get the last 50 text messages ect. etc.lo Best 0 dollars i ever spent

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