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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Most of the hassles I encounter has been curious gawkers who want to see my bike better, or ask questions: Where did I get it, is it for sale, can they rent one like it, etc. I live in a popular tourist town, Panama City Beach, Florida. There are at least a dozen retail outlets that rent scooters and during tourist season, the roads are sick with them. My biggest complaint is when they get right up beside me and pace me, sometimes getting dangerously close. If I want to turn left they make it impossible to do so, speeding up or slowing down does no good as their curiosity overrides any concern for my personal safety or legal rights. I think a lot of them have never seen a motorized bike, much less one that has been tricked out & customized like mine has ( see my photo gallery here:

I have had one or two cage ragers who don't think folks like me have a right to be on the road with them and yell at me or honk as I won't/can't exceed the max posted speed limit of 45 MPH. So far no one has tried to kill me, but to be honest, there are times when the feeling isn't mutual. I am considering getting a hero cam for my helmut just so I can seek lawsuits and/or criminal prosecution.
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