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Originally Posted by Long&Black View Post
That's kind of the response I was going for.

If seeing that pic will persuade someone to wear a's worth it.

Oh, there's only three staples in the pic. She stapled four times though.

I've been messed up in the military before and this is the first time I've used the term excruciating in reference to pain.

I broke into a sweat when she flushed it with solution.

After she finished flushing it she went right into..

"OK, we're going to give you staples now."

"Whoa , whoa, whoa. Let me recover from that. You plan on numbing me at all?"

"No, we can't." and started to place the stapler to my head

I stopped her... "Wait a minute. You plan on stapling my head while I'm sitting up?"


"Do me a favor and put your finger where the first staple is going."

She did.

"Now, press on my head."

Had her do that at each spot where a staple was going in.

After that I stood up, disconnected all the monitoring equipment that was on me, and asked her to lay the bed flat.


"Just work with me here"

She got the bed flat, I laid down and hooked my feet at one end, grabbed the other end with my hand and told her "Do what you've gotta do."

She got nervous.

First staple didn't go in right so she hit it again.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I'm getting staples in my head. Why are you shaking?"

She popped the other two in, I got up, and she bolted out of the room.

Didn't see her again the entire time I was there.

What's funny about the whole situation is that my wife was (and still is) deployed to Afghanistan. While I was laying on the bed in the ER waiting to go get the CAT scan she called!

She asked me "What'd you do today?"

"Nothing much, just worked on the tile in the bathroom and picked my bike up from the shop."

"What are you doing now?"

"Nothing much. Sitting here watching the news."

So we chatted for about five minutes before they came in and said it was time for the CAT scan.

Told her I had to go, that the guy helping me with the tile in the bathroom needed help.

A week later she came to the States for two weeks on leave. She saw the strawberry on my forearm near the the airport.

"What'd you do to your arm?"

I pointed..."Same thing I did to my head."

She slapped the crap out of me. Hit me HARD on the arm.

"What'd you do to your HEAD!"

"Mountain bike."

So then I had to explain the whole thing to her and tell her the story.

She's due back in about 3 weeks and insists that I don't hurt myself before she gets back "I want you to be 100% when I get back this time."

Funny stuff.

Bunch of my buddies had fun making motivational type posters.

Here's one that I thought was funny.

Man ... I mean ... Man! I could only look at the picture sort of skwinting sideways ... then I read your description and I think it was worse than the picture. Thank God you're OK. Maybe this is a wakeup call for all of us that need it?! Excellent tip. Many thanks and much respect to you and your wife for the military service. Stay safe and God bless................
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