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Default Motorized Bike Break in Update

Ok so I have run my bike for 6 gallons or so.

Maintainence wise the bolts kept getting loose for about a week or two, then I decided to forget about the 12 pound torque setting on the heads, and tighten them till they snugged and a little.

I did that on all the bolts holding engine, and the exhaust.
Now I find that they don't loosen as quickly at all, or the engine gets loose and vibrate badly, as it was doing after a few rides.

There was horrible squealing coming from the engine at one point.
Traced that down to no lube in the clutch shaft. Once gear moly in there
ran fine again.

Gearbox does run more quiet with the gears lubed.

Wore through factory tire in 5 gallons! so I bought this

Now it seems this has cut my top end speed down. But on plus side because it is heavier i don't seem to get that low speed tugging on the hub as I go slowly down the sidewalk. I don't reach that level of engine vibration where
i have to back off. So this should help engine piston ring survival. This is what I wanted by buying the 32 tooth drive. Keep my engine rpm peak down so I don't run full tilt revs.

Also the bronze plug clip fell out of my boot, so this might be giving me a
not so good spark, and thus crapping out at high RPM load. Bike still runs
but I question the connection after having it fall out!

All in all a blast to ride, provoking love hate responses from neighbors!
Love people running out of house (in my deed restricted bunghole) saying
hey you you don't live here get out of here!!! LOL!! Boy they hate it when i tell em I do live here!

I even let some teen take it for a spin! Man was I crappin, but his mother was there so I figured he'd come back. I mean someone I had no idea who it was.

Guess what I really need is a good light now. Those flashlights with the lithium battery blow, I forget what size, but panasonic only makes good ones
18650's. They go dim too quickly. And the vibrations tend to short them out quickly. What is the voltage out of the motor lead? Anyone know where to get a nice 12v light or 6v light whatever it is? I like bullet design. But dish spotlight style ok too.
Then there is the draw off the magneto, that effect the spark?
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