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Default Re: Clever Bike Names

I seldom keep a personal ride long enough to name one and don't even have one at the moment since there is always something here being built that needs test riding anyway, but there were two that needed naming.

The first is the Giant Suede bike I chose for my first jackshaft build and the absolute worst bike to pick for the job, everything was a nightmare, and then I prolonged the torture by fabing in an expansion chamber exhaust extension.

This is the bike that after torturing me weeks tried to cut my leg off when I went to pick up my exhaust in the muffler shops parking lot!

When the exhaust was on it was appropriately named BAD MOJO and labeled as such, and though changed again and sold the term remains for me for all really difficult builds.

The other is far from creative but not only a fitting a name for this bike, my new customers seem to love using BIG RED as the example of the build type they want.

I haven't named one since but I do need a clever name for one of the few remaining build types I haven't done yet that got started yesterday but all about that in it's own topic until it's done and named for this topic.
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