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Default Re: One more noob from Ohio

Holy moly... Ten grand, yikes! Yea, my wife is a penny pincher, which I am actually grateful for. No mall shopaholics here.. When I told her about 150mpg and her eyes did pop a bit.. So as long as my bike costs less than buying a good scooter and is dependible, I am sure she will agree on a second one. I feel like I made a good purchase with my Giant. The guy had it listed a few weeks ago for $200 and kept lowering the price till I showed up with $75 cash in hand. I was first interested in the 19 inch wheeled black cruiser from walmart.. It sure looks sweet. I saw it in person yesterday.. and was worried I would be spending $150 on a cool frame but having to replace everything else, even the oversized handle bars to make my ride. That is too much just for us frugal folks. I am a bit worried about my Giant being aluminum, but from what I have read, its about as good an aluminum frame as you can find without breaking the bank. I lifted up a steel cruiser bike at walmart and whoa was it heavy... Plus I am getting the gentle 49cc four stroke and I will be shifting my gears to get speed at a lower rpm vs having the throttle wide open. Im not going for days of thunder, more like driving Ms. Daisy...
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