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Default Re: whats the largest 2 and 4 stroke motor your willing to intstall in a bicycle ?

That 50 cc Wankel motor IS impressive!

Me, I'm just after a light moped that still pedals like a good bicycle for urban utility mostly- 25 to 30 mph range, with baskets

To that end, I'm about to sell my extra 66 motor, and be leaning more towards 50 china girls if I ever have to replace the current 66 I have built up .

I've been thinking though I'd really like about a 40 cc with a slightly longer pipe- to take the motor noise down even further
and a plastic tank about the size of a water bottle- 1 liter, on a nice diamond touring frame with light wheels- nothing fancy, just really towards the vintage touring bike angle-

I don't mind peddling up to get it going- or coasting back down after being at speed- good regular caliper brakes are perfectly fine.
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