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Default Re: Crushing Aluminum

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
I tried to warn you...

I even showed how it goes on my bike.

You are going to have to fab up a custom bracket. It's gotta be strong too, that motor bracket takes the entire thrust from the engine driving the tire.
Yeah I know :/

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Flip the bracket around and only use the center hole.

Then drill 2 more holes in the bracket on the inside of the seat stays.

Or you could notch the bracket in the middle removing the center hole
then re drill 2 outside holes higher up on the outside of the frame.

Then re drill the center hole below the notch.

Actually would be better to forget the middle hole and drill 2 more holes
on the inside of the frame so there would be 4 bolts, 2 on each side.

Of course you have to match the holes in the backing plate.
Hey thanks, those are some good ideas -- I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the third option.

But here are some crude drawings I did, is this what you meant by #1 & 2?
I like option #2 the best.

EDIT: Oay so I did some measurements and what not, #2 won't work, the steel in the middle will have to be grinded to the point where it is too thin, See pic

SO I think I'll have to go with #1 -- Will this be stable, even though there are no bolts holding on the outside of the seat stays?
The best part about asking questions, is that you add to the pool of information that future builders can look back on through the search function

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