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Default Re: Crushing Aluminum

Hey guys, thanks for all the good help!

Anyway, got my bike today and looks like there's a bigger problem.

So the mount right behind the seat post... There's no room for all three bolts to bolt on, only for the middle one. I COULD move it up right behind the seat post and bolt the two on the side and not the middle, but then there'd be no room for the saddle.

See pics... :
(disregard the first picture)

I'm not too excited about the idea of only mounting the middle (the steel plate would probably end up bending in) so the only thing I can think up of is getting some kind of extensions (see picture) but I don't know where I'd buy those...

The best part about asking questions, is that you add to the pool of information that future builders can look back on through the search function
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