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Default Re: winter blues

i am also in fear of my bike breaking !

as you know when things get cold like this they become brittle ! and the cheap cheap metal this motor is made from is no acseption ! i bet if i left it out all night, by morning i could tap the head lightly with a hammer and it would shatter ! or mabey i would go to start it and the jug would crack ! or even the expantion of the metal as it warms around the colder parts of the motor could warp things !

if you want to keep your bike safe in below zero tempatures you need to keep it inside ! you need to run extra oil in your mix and once you get it started go real easy on the throttle and let it idle a little high for a few good min before you even think of taking off !
at this tempature you may not even be able to get it started ! it took me a little bit to get her running once i came out of cvs and she cooled down to outside temp !

just be safe ! i dont want any one to experiance the pain i felt in my hands today from the frost bite !!! it was soo bad i felt like i could puke !
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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