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Default Re: winter blues

my god guys !!!!!! i just done the stupidest thing i have ever done !

right now in northern MA and NH where i live its -20 deg F !!!!!!! everrything is frozen and the groung is so cold its like as solid as granite !

well i got suited up in 4 layers of hoodies and even thermal underwhere (not cheap ones ether army issue cold weather waffle gear !) and i got my bike out from the cellar, i put it down there because i was afraid of any damage that could occur from the extreem cold making it brittle and weak. and i took a ride to the store to get my meds !!!

it was only 3 miles but god was it the worst 3 miles of my life ! as soon as you start riding the wind just penitrates you right through to the bone !

i swear to god i have never felt cold like that ! i have been hunting in northern vermont on -10 deg days with blazing wind and i have been warmer ! it was the wind slamming me wile driveing the motor bike that killed me man wow ! that wind at 30mph when riding in -20 deg is relentless !!!

i can not make it to work !!! its that bad ! i dont have enough cloths to bundle to combat 30mph -29deg wind ! i barley made it 3 mile ti cvs ! how can i make it 6 miles to work !!!!

my hands were so cold they went numb and when they started warming up they hurt so bad i just sat theree moanning and holding my hands in my arm pits !!! that pain was frost bite un freazing !!!!
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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