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Default Re: what are you waiting for in the mail ?

Originally Posted by Danschutz View Post
Just checked out your video and Im very interested in seeing your next video. Two things are a bummer about this video, the angle of the shot being to high as we mostly see sky lol but the other reason is worse. The camera is locked onto the sky causing everything else to turn be dark. When you lower the angle the darker images will lighten up and I think youll have a pretty fine video.

Yeah, my fault for not spending an hour twiddling the position up and down and checking it... I just fastened it on and went for the ride. Heh, it looked good before I put the helmet on. I'll play with it some more, start experimenting to try and get the angle right. That vid was shot at the 640x480 setting, I'll try the 'HD' 1280x720 soon.

Oh yeah, and I realised after the ride that I must have brushed my choke lever, it was only open half way (or half closed, I s'pose) for that run.

I should note that when I tried it on the handlebars I got that electronic interference that comes from the mag/CDI, making the screen ripple and do wierd things in response to the throttle. Anyone have ideas for reducing that?


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