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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Getting them apart usually isn't my problem. Finding a replacement part however can be next to impossible. So many things today use obscure little things like in-line thermal fuses that no one sells. Coffee makers are a good example.

As for soldered in batteries, I've had a couple of things repaired at Batteries-Plus. They have the capabilities to resolder, actually a spot weld, a battery in. I saved an old favorite battery powered beard trimmer by having new batteries installed by them. I tried but solder wouldn't stick to the stainless steel contacts that were part of a PC board.

Radio Shack sells thermal fuses, such as this one:

which looks like an ideal replacement for a coffee maker. I have used these in the past, with great success.

But, how did they solder the stainless steel contacts to the PCB? But seriously,a few taps with a Dremel equipped with a small abrasive disc will remove the plating/corrosion/oxidation that might be on the contacts, revealing a nice, solderable surface undeneath.
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