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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I changed the oil and the oil breather on my Briggs 3 hp 4 stroke engine. I also change the pleated paper air filter as the breather was not functioning for a long time. The spring broken or stuck and the valve was more than normal opening and not moving closed at all.

The return tube to the air filter from the breather made a mess of the filter. I had no replacement pre-cleaner filter that is the foam thing in front of the paper filter, but washed it with dish wash soap and rinsed and dried it. I have another pre-cleaner and air filter on order along with some starter cord.

I also will change the recoil starter cord, but temporarily I just cut off the last foot that was frayed. It will not fray for the same reason it was. It was before that I had started the engine pulling the cord side ways to clear a cover I made to protect the carburetor and linkages. I drilled a hole and put a plastic electrical strain relief (with the clamp center removed) on the top of the cover for the cord to go though and it stops abrasion.

I only can pull the cord about 18 inches, but my engine is easy to start so it doesn't matter. I’m not sure I would want the cord to be able to extend much further from where it comes through the cover. That is since I can start the engine while sitting on the bike and my position to pull further would likely hurt my shoulder. Standing up and starting a lawn mower I can understand using a longer cord.


PS, the engine ran fine with the oil breather not working, but it had a bit of smoke out the exhaust and now I expect when I get a chance to test it I know it has to be cleaner!
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