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Default Re: what are you waiting for in the mail ?

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
I've been wanting a GoPro set up for months, but starting at $350 it was hard to justify for the little bit I want/know I'll use it for. I did find a similar unit (lower specs, no wifi/bluetooth) at the "Showcase/As Seen On TV" store, for $60. It's an 'Emerson ActionCam HD' (link is for US site, click here for Canadian site). They were out of stock on the 8GB MicroSD cards, but they credited me for one and will call when they come in. Not like those are expensive or hard to find, so I have one that'll carry me until thiers comes in.

I have no doubt the GoPro is a better unit. It's specs are nicer, better pic etc and where the Emerson is water resistant to perhaps 10 feet, for snorkelling you're better off with the GoPro's 130+ feet depth rating.
I'm hoping to get out and play with it a little later, we'll see what the weather's doing when I finish my morning caffeine.
They are expensive imo. Ive got a couple hobbies and one is photography, its actually the hobby Ive had for the longest time about 35 years. Friends kid me about my heritage and that I always have a camera with me lol.

Anyways. Ive been through a couple waterproof cameras in the last 4 years, they've gone south on me and I think this will hold up better. You give up things like zoom and flash etc but they have quite the product.

I wouldn't have made the move but I caught them on sale and saved 60 bucks. Nearly the price of the white.

My bass player has a less expensive gopro style camera, I asked him the brand but he didn't remember, Ill have to ask again and get his review on it.

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