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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

I got passed in my neighborhood by some housewife in a brick Volvo wagon recently. The speed limit is 25, and I was going at least that , she still felt compelled to pass me in the oncoming lane in a double yellow and speed down the road at 45. Now I know why they put up a radar sign in my suburban neighborhood once in a while, its not the kids or hotrodders they're after, its the stupid, negligent, oblivious idiots who feel they can do whatever as long as they're driving a bland family car. I live in a suburb which is very rural, and it really is the worst place to speed, and all the people I see hauling around are in mini-SUV's or station wagons, the exact people who shouldn't push their luck because of their lack of attention to driving. Some people are just so completely lost behind the wheel, that they don't even think twice pulling dangerous and negligent maneuvers.
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