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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

that incident has caused me to lay off the motorbiking some ! that was the 5th time i have been in a crash or near crash since i picked up cycling ! by cycling i mean even pedal bikes. i ride bolth on the regular pedal power, and motor power when i feel like i want the extra thrill... or just want to get to point a faster.

but srsly ... i now only ride my motor bike to work and back and i do it very carfully and in fear of being hit !!!

i used to drive my car as if every person on the road was a cop, this made me drive carefully all the time , it made me drive as if there was a cop behind me at all times.

now when i motorbike, i ride as if every car is going to hit me ! i now just pretend that nobody can see me! and even the people who i know can see me, i think they are going to hit me if i let them ! and then i drive acordingly, always giving the right of way and making shure to keep my distace from cars and trucks!

no more will i drive on the road as if i was on a regular vehical ! even though i am all legal and registered and have the right to, i do not do it because the drivers dont feel like you should have that right and will try to take it from you every chance they get !

now for an interesting fact.... i have found that big truck drivers...... are the best ! they seem to always give you the right of way and slow down to let you pass ! big truck drivers i have found are far more aware of there suroundings and far more conciouse of you than even the best car driver ! big truckers alway see me and are always curdious to me !

in my town of woburn ma.... the down town traffic aria is so bad that on my way to work a 4pm..... once i reach down town i cut off the motor and pedal slowly on the sidwalk in fear of being hit, that is untill i pass down town and reach the main road !
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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