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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Thank you for that explanation, 2door.
Quick click, stick the wire on the mark, flip helmet down and proceed to weld.
Got it!

I too have an auto darkening helmet, identical to CTripp's, but I got it on sale at Harbor Freight. It is solar powered although it also has a "non replaceable" back up battery.
Supposedly if the battery goes dead it might malfunction and not go dark quite as fast as it should, (1/300 of a second or something like that ) but still go dark none the less. It has worked flawlessly so far.
I was given an auto helmet by a friend who used to teach welding as well as was the lead manager of Parson's Airgas. That damm thing is battery only and has malfunctioned many times, hence why I bought another, different brand one.

I always use a Halogen work lamp to illuminate my work. Gotta be careful where it is pointed though. It is bright enough to trip the sensor in the auto helmet. Makes it hard to see anything when you get a premature darkening...
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