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Default Re: is it worth the potential trouble?

I do have decent mechanical skills and, for the most part, I know my way around an engine. I tinker by nature. But with any new undertaking I do prefer to go with new and start breaking...ummm I mean, learning from there. The $100.00 S.E.P. (someone elses problem) bike was a passing thought I guess.

I am pretty sure that my wife already knows I won't be satisfied doing just one bike (Examples: my collection of 35 antique desk fans...because I needed one for my antique desk, and my 25-30 personal paintball markers and various equipment left over from my field manager days) and is sweating where I am going to work on and and store the 6 or 8 bikes I build before she makes me stop or sell some off. Especially since the garage in the house we rent has been converted into a recroom/ bedroom for my recently-moved-back-in-again adult daughter.

In all seriousness now, at the moment my plans are to build a basic bike to begin with. After that, IF I enjoy the build and riding as much as I think I will, I'll build a second more challenging bike. Eventually I would really like to build a true board track/ early Harley/ indian replica motorbike. I love the likes and look of those 100 year old bikes.
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