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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Let me see if I can explain it a little better.

I squeeze the trigger, fast, just a click. When you do that the wire is momentarily electrically charged. The capacitors in the machine will hold a small charge and that is in the wire. If you immediately touch your work with the wire there will be a very small spark when the wire touches and 'usually' the wire will stick.

The spark is really too small to be called an arc so you won't need a hood. It happens fast and the flash is really small. I always wera safety glasses or reading glasses under my hood so that protects my eyes from the potential flying thing/spark. That rarely happens but just in case...........

Keep in mind that I only rely on this trick when I'm doing something very small and in a tight spot and where if the wire touches and arcs outside of the area where I want to weld it might damage/burn something I don't want to mess up. That's why I used the deer antler example. The deer's head where the antlers were welded is made of very thin sheet metal and it has a patina finish; looks antique. I didn't want to make a burn mark on the head/skin but I needed to attach the antler to the 1/8" welding rod frame.

However, Mr.Handsome is also correct in that if there is a very bright light directed right at the work area it will make it easier to see the wire and your work.
I was just suggesting a trick that works for me when the area is small and confined.

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