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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got my two brake levers in the mail, they sent me two left levers instead of a right and a left. Of course, the vendor said send it back and we'll replace it. Paying shipping twice is no treat, especially since many vendors gouge on shipping prices to begin with. Anyway, installed the one left one and hooked up the wires to my custom made LED brake light and I'm happy to report it works like it's suppose to. The levers are pretty much crap compared to the Tektros I took off, but they have a built in brake switch and a long sheathed wiring harness so it was pretty much a plug and play as far as the wiring.. I did swap out the two finger levers on the new assembly for the full hand levers from the Tektros for more stopping power. My hand made wiring coil easily handles the LED headlight, LED tail light and the new brake light. As soon as I get the right lever assembly in, I'll wire it into the circuit, so that either brake will activate the brake light. It's nice to have a motorized bicycle that's set up like a factory bike with all necessary safety features.
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