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Default Re: is it worth the potential trouble?

I'd say build up your own bike to start, there's great video walkthorughs on youtube on how to do things. BUT in addition....If you see a nice motorized bicycle on craigslist and they want 200-250 Take the time to look at it(if it is sloppy, dirty, etc..I'd probably stay away because that's one sign of abuse and negligence both on motor and bike maintenance) If you see a nice clean build(i've seen them on my craigslist" I'd say ride it, test it, all that, take it. Take it. then you have two motorized bicycles with interchangeable parts. Most of the HT motors have interchangeable parts. Not ALL, but most. Two is better than one! (: Also if you're at all unsure, upload some pictures of what you're wanting to buy, to the forum here and the more experienced folks can say, go or no go. Good luck!
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