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Default Re: is it legal and what do you guys think about 2 stroke off of amozon

Originally Posted by 16v4nrbrgr View Post
I hear ya, I've put a silencer with stainless packing on my BMX since I spend most of the time over 8000 rpm, on the other bikes I haven't put packing in the mufflers because it can be an issue when it fills up with soot or blows out the endcap and plugs it up, and they are extremely loud under load. In my neighborhood where there all these cars and trucks with cutoff exhausts, and flowmasters and stuff like that, along with loud stock motorcycles, a 50cc scootypuff doesn't really make any difference, but its a good idea to tailor your bike to the sensibility of the neighborhoods where you ride. It's kinda funny, my electric motard makes more audible noise at long distance than my BMX, something about how the particular frequencies it makes travel very far.

I hear ya CTripps, its always good to be friendly and wave, even to the cold c-words that turn their noses up at you as you ride by, at least they won't feel threatened.
I agree too! I keep to myself and always obey the limits, I never really modify my exhaust I either keep the stock one on or upgrade to a speed demon, I don't like sounding like "BRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNGGG BOOM BOOM BOOOM BOOOM BOOOM " Mostly the people that do that, do it because they can...but there are better ways to make your exhaust louder, not running a muffler/silencer or cutting your pipe in half IS NOT the way to go. Also, I should be able to ride peacefully without crazy ass clowns high tailing it all of the time. But we all know we can't get that. I also enjoy riding with other MBers in my city, we go on a cruise. Otherwise when I'm alone I like taking in scenery between 30-35 mph.
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