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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by paul View Post
guys we are on small motorized bicycles compared to giant heavy cars and trucks. right or wrong what they do I expect it sadly enough to say, I keep an eye on my rearview mirror and a car I don't trust is coming up my rear I pull off the side of the road and let them pass. I see someone at an intersection I stop and let them go or I go around behind them. we hit I am the one that will be hurting not them so I am cautious as heck. I am old and I hate pain

The laws may give the right of way to pedestrians, then cyclists, then 4+ wheelers, but I always consider the right of weight aspect. It's 2800-3800 lbs of vehicle (passenger, not commercial) vs. 220-350 lbs of combined bike/rider. It's pretty clear who will lose, like anytime you hear about an 18-wheeler and a motorcycle in a crash. If they're bigger than me, I'm happy to let them go first. I learned a few years ago that although in my mind nothing much had changed about me for a long time, my body doesn't bounce anymore.


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