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Default Re: is it legal and what do you guys think about 2 stroke off of amozon

Originally Posted by 16v4nrbrgr View Post
The biggest issue I have with kids riding these things is that there is a licensing and registration requirement in most states for motor assisted bicycles, and if they get caught without their paperwork or crash and get hurt or damage property, then it makes it a visible issue that the Hammers see fit to nail down.

When I skateboarded it was back in a day and age that you would get kindly asked to leave if it wasn't okay, otherwise we'd run and hide when an ominous potbellied presence would appear, and go find another place to shred.

If people give you flak, you have the option of making it undeniably badass, or telling them to take their opinions and put them where the sun don't shine!
AMEN. Plus you get these 16 year old kids that think they're all badass and cut the mufflers in half to make it LOUD, which is bad for hearing as well as the engine, the bike's a beat up eyesore, chain is loose and begging for trouble, air filter and fuel filters upside down. I admit on alot of my builds they got dinged and scratched but NOT ALL. So, these kids annoy the police and harass people, then ruin riding privileges for those of us responsible riders who depend on our trusty motorized bicycles for transportation. Every bike I've built I've been complimented on and always asked "how much would you sell that to me for" I'm not saying every kid is like that, but in my area....I've seen it. As well as in neighboring states, and towns.

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