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Default Re: What Was Your Most Expensive Build?

For now I'd have to say my cruiser is the most expensive in the garage.
Bike: $125 from Craig's List
Motor kit: $150 from Zoombicycles
Expansion chamber: $50 from Zoombicycles
'Speed' NT Carb: $50 from Zoombicycles
Dual brake lever: $11 from The Bike Doctor
Misc bits and pieces (fuel line, fuel filter, plug, replaced engine studs, conduit for exhaust, etc): Call all that another $50 probably.
So, physical components, probably round up and call it around $425 right now. Then there's the paint and chrome edge trim. Not counting primer, there were two cans each of the cream/white and blue, and a can of clear coat. Probably $75 in materials.
As for time involved, well, I don't count the hours up usually. If I had set out on a Monday morning to build the bike (no painting) and worked at it like a job, it'd probably be rolling out on Wednesday, maybe Thursday morning. (A day to work on the motor pre-install, a day of installation, half a day to a day to take care of tweaking and dealing with all the fiddle little things that go along with a build). However due to the paint, it took much longer.. after each coat I let it dry for a week (it was a winter build, so no rush)... So, primer, 3 coats of Tremclad's "RV White", two coats of "Dark Blue", two coats of clearcoat on the tank (this is the second tank), chainguard and sprocket (and a few frame touch-ups). Added to this one would be at least another half day cleaning the rust off the fenders (the bike came with those nice chrome fenders). Oh, add on another couple of hours for re-engineering the guts of the old bullet headlight to a 6v LED from a 3V incandescent...

The list grows whenever I review it, better stop now... So, that's around $500 so far.

When people ask me if it's for sale, my stock answer is that if you offer me the right price I'll take the bus home.


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