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Default Re: dialing in your welder feed rate setting

Originally Posted by 2door View Post

I used an old trick to make sure that when the arc started it would be exactly where I wanted it.
Just before droppng my hood I squeeze the trigger just a quick 'click', just enough to charge the wire and touch where I want the arc to start. Usually the wire will arc and stick to the work at the precise point where you want it. Now any movement will not effect where the arc starts and dropping the hood or adjusting your head or arm won't change it. The wire is stuck there.

Now you can pull the trigger and, presto, a neat little weld bead at a precise point.
This method can be used anytime you need to make a precision weld where you don't want to take the chance of damaging the surrounding area but keep the arc confined in a small space.

How does one do this where the arc will restart and the wire will not be stuck to the point where there is a dead short?
Also, I assume that one would close their eyes during this quick 'click' as the hood is still up. There is still a 'quick' arc flash, yes? ( I cannot imagine how there would not be one.)
You see, I get 'quick' wire stick all the time when I do my connect all the little dots technique, and it is highly annoying. I have to wiggle the gun back and forth to break the wire free, sometimes even use cutters to cut it free.
I really want to learn the secret to your technique!
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