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Default Re: New guy from Illinois

Speaking of welds...
Earlier today I was in Walmart to pick up a couple of things I couldn't find anywhere else...out of curiosity I took a stroll by the bikes. They had a rack of new Huffy branded cruiser bikes for $94 so I thought I would take a quick look. terrible paint, badly assembled, pedals that wouldn't spin (no bearings), kinky (bent looking) chain, twisted flimsy chain guard, terrible terrible sloppy misaligned welds and the frame actually flexed and made cracking noises when I put a little torque on it. and it wasn't like it was just one bad bike out of the lot...EVERY bike was just as bad! and that was after just a quick look.
Not that I was actually interested in buying one, I was just curious what kid of bikes they are selling now. I am disgusted and it just one more example of why I never shop there unless I have to.
Garbage like that is just built to kill someone...
I have a pic of a couple of the welds but no way to post it.
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