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Default Re: is it legal and what do you guys think about 2 stroke off of amozon

To be completely honest there aren't a whole lot of differences between the 66cc and the 49/50cc. The 66 has a slightly larger piston and when you run each one side by side stock you can see. I ran my 49cc along side my buddies 66cc and I was only 3-4 feet behind him both at full throttle. The 49cc vibrates alot less and with the right gearing and performance parts you can get it to give you the oompf the 66cc's have. I personally think the 49cc's are an altogether smoother ride. A stock 49/50 goes anywhere from 25-30mph max sometimes 35. A stock 66/80 will go between 35-40. You're looking at 5mph more. Just gear up and build on your 48cc and you'll get a much more pleasant ride. I know this from experience. I've had more 66/80's break on me than I've had the 49/50's. I had a 48cc skyhawk last me 4 years and still ran strong when I sold it. Want to climb hills? Larger rear sprocket, want speed and fun? Run a smaller rear sprocket. Hope this helps!

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