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Default Re: is it legal and what do you guys think about 2 stroke off of amozon

Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
You have to be 14 to get a moped license in Ohio. Build an off road bike for your son. Then let him get in practice riding off road. Then by the time he's old enough for a moped license he'll have riding experience.
There's a workable idea. He'll have two years to practice.

But...I'm afraid 50cc is the most Ohio will allow without license and registration. Not trying to be a party pooper, just didn't want you to have any illusions about that. You still have options: you could just go with the 50cc engine, or you could go with the (66) 80cc engine and get it licensed - that's been done. I could point out that some get the (66) 80cc engine and keep it hush-hush but I can't knowingly advocate that option.

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