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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle vs Snakezilla

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I like snakes myself and have owned some truly huge ones but a copperhead is nothing to mess with, and it's not like you aimed for him. You couldn't do anything to avoid it. Sh%$ happens.
Shoulda got some pics though...
I keep a snake in my basement shop, better than a cat for controlling mice. One evening when I was working down there the kids asked if they could feed it. I told them yes, but just one small meat ball and water. While I was working they fed it. I looked over and the snake was going crazy, rolling and tossing like crazy. I ask the kids what the **** did to it. They admitted they put some of my gasoline in the meatball. Holy crap for about 5 minutes it convulsed and then just curled up in a coil and stopped.
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