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Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I'm a big fan of scrap yards. All kinds of useful stuff laying around untouched.
Tubing, wires, connectors, hose, wiring looms, clamps, cable clamps, grommets, relays, lighting, switches, springs, fuse blocks, brackets, plug wires, plug boots, etc.
Salvage yards are great fun. I'm fortunate to have a motorcycle junk yard just a few miles from my house. I've found some of the neatest stuff there and ideas too. Just looking to see how the bikes are built gives you inspiration and all those neat little gadgets on them. Mirrors, horns, chrome doo-dads. I found a chrome cover for a switch that was made to attach to handlebars and used it for a headlight switch for one of my bikes.
If you're building a hot rod, salvage yards are a gold mine. Insurance/liability issues have resulted in a lot of them not allowing you to wonder around and parts hunt but there are still a few that will let you if you sign a waiver releasing them from any liability if you get hurt.
I have some good 'junk yard' stories from my youth. Fun places, sometimes even better than a big hardware store.

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