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Default Re: Getting excited pre-spend my tax return.

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Nice big open frame, I like it.
I tried heat, but my little home-use torch wasn't much use on thicker material of the crank arms, combined with poor set-up. I couldn't secure the piece well enough to get good leverage on it at the time. I ended up taking about 1/16th off the inside at the pedal end of each crank arm instead.
copy that!

i've got a map gas torch... i hope it will get hot enough. i am going to thread and old pair of pedals in to them and then bolt the crank (at the bb interface so i dont bend parts i dont want to bend) to a board or something then torque it like crazy with a big ole cheater bar on the pedal. i will have to do it twice on each to put a s bend so. at least thats the plan... we will see some tax rtn time!!!
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