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Default Re: Getting excited pre-spend my tax return.

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Nice lights, the brake lever w/switch is a good idea.

For power, you could make a battery box to tuck one or two 12V SLA (sealed lead-acid) into. Just make sure you leave access to be able to put the battery on charge without having to pull it all apart.

I haven't had any luck bending cranks, myself (only tried once, seemed like it wasn't going anywhere), I have ground a little off the back of each crank arm a couple of times to get the clearance needed. Another option to consider is if you can mount the motor a bit higher in the frame, so it is clear of the cranks to begin with. Off the top I don't know the frame you are working with, so I don't know if that's an option for you but it's something to consider.
I had an idea this afternoon that I could just use a standard bike tail light and re wire the switch to the on in the lever... Could work, but then I got to find a power source for the head lights... Idk too many options... I'll probably stick with the original plan but for those who don't need/want HUGE head lights it would be a great option.

Here is a link to the frame
So yes the frame should have plenty of room to move engine up... But I want to try and keep all the weight as low as possible.

Did u ever try heating the cranks?

Good to see u r from Van. I was born there but moved when I was very young. GO CANADA!
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