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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

now i am realy confused.....

so the carb is perfectly clean and the main jet is 2 sizes bigger 70 to a 74mm and there are no air leaks what so ever !

yet i am still having the problem ! only now its at around 3/4 to WOT i bog right out and sputter as if there is no enough fuel or i am loosing spark or something.

i forgot to mention that i am running nearly 13:1 comp and i fuelled up my bike before i set it for the weekend ..... soo i suspect i got ripped off and given 87 oct instead of 93 ! that would explain the tottal change of tone in the motor to the sharper tone like its being forced harder and also detonation gets worse the higher up the rpm range you go soo..... i am going to drain my gas and put new gas in that i know is 93 oct and see whats up. i suspect 87 oct run at 13:1 comp can not be good at all !!! lol

another thing it could be is my plug.... i am running a brand new plug but its a (R) resistor type nkg br6hs i am not shure if that could be the problem but i am going to swap back to a non resistor instead to see if it helps.

before i set it for the weekend it ran perfect ! i am stumped but since the last thing i did before leaving it was fuel it up, i am leanning heavivly torwds the fuel ! i think i got ripped off at the pump ....AGAIN ! this has happend before !
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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