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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Roger I now see the picture of the hoses, they were not there when I did the post above, it still sounds like a lack of air flow to me.
lack of air flow into the carb from the filter ? when i blow through the filter via the 90 deg rubber part it offers less resistance than the cheaper paper ones i had in before, i could feel a resistace to those other 2, the SBP one offers none i can feel. i just tore down the carb and well the main jet is clean and the idle jet was clean ???? mabey one of the 3 channels are clogged and preventing fuel flow ? i sprayed them out, then i noticed the float bowl pin was off center and mabey causing the float to stick but that will be fixed when it goes back together and i may adjust the float lvl but dont think i need to since it has been just fine for the last 2 builds .

plug chop would show slighty lean, but it bogs suddenly lol so it runs perfect right up to the bog spot .... so i assume the plug would show a well running motor as it does, since it cant run at the bog....
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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