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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

rogergendron1, My suggestion is to check the spark color/plug chop and see if it shows a lean run condition and if you really want the CNS I guess you'll have to work the bugs out of that through the process of elimination, personally I'd be running either the little NT carb or a RT carb/Dellorto clone, with just simple jetting either of these works fine on a 40+MPH china girl build with correct gearing and are almost 100% maintenance free, simple to tune and as long as the fuel is filtered so no junk gets in they just work all the time every time.

Hope you get the issue worked out asap, but if that CNS keeps giving you grief the NT or the RT carb from Dax is an excellent way to go, NT is very easy to tune and only comes up short to the RT in one thing, throttle response, the RT does have great throttle response and better low end power, but I have seen no advantage on the top end with the RT, I like the RT carbs, but the NT is hard to beat for all around simplicity and reliability in my experience and I have been clocked at 45+MPH running the NT carb on my first dax GenIV build.

Best wishes rogergendron1 hope you get it worked out soon.

Peace, Map
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