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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Just a simple test before you go tinkering with the carb and manifold:
Try engaging the enrichner (choke) a little at a time and see if doing so improves the condition. If it does, then yes, you are running too lean. If it gets worse then you are running too rich.
hey i wish my choke worked but ...... it came straite from grubee drilled offf center on the choke pilot jet hole ... they missed the choke circut and drilled srtait into the float bowl ! so my choke is ussless and if i do activate it , it drains my float boal !!!!

thuss i disconected it and capped it off with the plunger and spring inside blocking it off to stop the float bowl from drainning lol

so i can not trouble shoot my cns with its choke

i realy do love this carb, i had it on my previous motor, a grubee gt5 that was ported to the max and set up for WOT running !!! it reved up and ran the sh@t !!!! it was a verry powerfull bike and i got it tuned up real good with this exact carb ! now that it on a dax f80 new motor i got, and just passed break in, i am having trouble here.... this motor is set up for all around power and it was given a port an polish to match,

a moderatly heavy port and port time corections, piston ramping, high comp head, titainium wrist pin, free flowing exhaust, everything port matched, and a 16mm ID bore intake to match the carb bore.

it was running beautifull with some slight 4 stroking across the board when NOT under load, reaching speeds of over 30 with a 44 rear during break in ! (7,000rpms !)but after swapping the filter to a SBP 90 deg angle one and letting it sit, the problem manifested and now i cant go over 20 ! its like once i pass half throttle and the needle leaves the main jet it bogs out like its not getting any fuel, but from idle to 1/2 throttle it runs just as it did before... perfect ???

i am under the impression this carb has 3 circuts and i know its more difficult to tune than the nt carb with only 1 circut, thats why a lot of people give up on it, but having three circuts to me is to its benifit making it more responcive over the range of jets if one can tune it right vs the nt single circut and boring throttle respoce, i can tell a differance between the 2 carbs in throttle responce and the cns when tunned has way beeter and a lot snappyer responce than any NT !!! so i would like to keep using it and the go get a NT for 20$ responce is not warented her LOL

i am going to pull it off the bike in a few ..... after i finnish my coffie and see whats up, IE: pull it appart and give it a compleat over haul and check for leaks on the intake gaskets, i saw last night a wet spot around my cylinder intake manifold gasket that should not be wet, this is an indication that it may be leaking at higher rpms causing the lean condition but who knows untill i get it all apart lol
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here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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