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Default Getting excited pre-spend my tax return.

So I have found some new parts for my up coming build and it is getting me pretty psyched.

First on the list is a brake larger with a on integrated brake light switch.

I like the four finger one about half way down. I will connect it to...

Also from west marine I will use a set of the following as head lights. One attached to each arm of the fork (probably with cable ties).

As I work for west marine my discount is amazing on stuff like this so it ends up being less the $40 for all the light out the door.

Still looking for a good 12v source and would love some advice on the subject. Like where and how to house a small gam battery. I saw a battery at pep boys for like $25 bucks that I think will fit the bill but still would like to see some of your solutions.

Th bike will white and black from the factory (a pure fix Romeo) so I will paint the cylinder and block black. Clutch magneto covers will be white and the head will be red. The tank will also be re-painted white and have red stripe or some thing.

The only thing I am really worried about id the crank arms on the bike are exactly 5.5 inches apart at the pedals (I took a measuring tape to the LBS). As far as I know the china girl engines are 5.5 inches wide.
I have thought about grinding on the cranks so that it won't interfere but I would be way happier with heating and bending them to give 1/4-1/2 inch clearance on each side. I have seen this on many steel one piece cranks here but has anyone ever done this to an alloy 3 piece crank? If so HELP!

The only other thing I saw at the LBS that gave cause for concern is the rear sprocket clearance on the chain stay. But I figure that is an easy fix with a 40 or 38 tooth rear sprocket. I could mod the stock 44 but it would require dishing it in and would throw off the chain alignment...

Thoughts, feedback, etc welcome, wanted and appreciated.
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