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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

ahhhhhh dang it !!!!

all this time i have been running a brigs and straton air filter retro fittted to my cns v3 carb,and it was running like a angry ape with slight four stroking across the board..... i just got my preformance 90 deg filter from SBP and hooked it up and my bike sat for the weekend...... well took it to work today and i cant take her over 20mph ~! if i try and give it more than 1/2 throttle she bogs out as if there is no fuel, if i try and go up a hill it bogs out like she looses power, if i try to ease the throttle up it helps a little but then sputters and bogs out untill i let off the throttleback down to 1/4 or below a half throttle !

its like i lost all my power and the bike is way way to lean ! the tone of the exhaust changed also ! it used to have a deeper more dirtbike-ish sound and now its a sharper pingyer sound ????

there is no waay the new air filter could allow that mutch more air in that i am running this lean could it ? it was slightly ritch before now its way way to lean.

i am thinking i got an air leak on my intake gasket that is presant when i give it the gas and the suction becomes to great it leaks. or mabey when changing the filter i moved the carb and its the infamouse cns clamp on iar leak ?

mabey the main jet got clogged coincidentaly at the same time i swapped the filter ? it feels like a clogged main jet ... like as soon as i pass half throttle someone shuts off the gas !

i checked fuel flow from the tank and it runs through the petcock just fine and runs through the filter just fine and runs out the end of the hose that goes to the carb just fine, actualy it flows realy well ! so i know it getting the fuel, i even hooked it up and undid the float drain screw wile hooked up and watched it drain out the bowl drain hose, it drainned out just as fast as it did from the tank so there is no obstruction at the float valve needle.

what do you think, does the SBP 90 deg filter flow that good that i need to rejet 3 sizes bigger ? or is something else going wrong here like a clogged main jet ?
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