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Default Re: another day another problem... front freewheel

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
It sounds like that but Buddy has started yet another thread about his bikeberry knock off shift kit without telling the reader any background and just presumes that you will know what he is asking about.
Why do noobs start multiple threads about basically the same problem?
it is a new problem every post i have posted on here has been a new problem like i told 2door this is a new problem why would i post it under a thread about a different problem? also only a shiftkit has a front freewheel bikes without shiftkits dont have a front freewheel... that is why i did not mention it was from a shift kit but i edited the post anyway but yes it is the cheap kit and i just replaced the parts from sickbikeparts cause i dont want any more issues

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