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Default Re: more top end speed after run in

More oil should not necessarily make the engine run hotter. Alot of the heat comes from friction.
Also the actual extra amount of oil from 24-1 to 20-1 should not have a noticeable effect on leaning out the engine especially if it is high quality two stroke oil designed to mix cleanly with gasoline.

Some oil when mixed will make the gasoline murky, but I use Bel-Ray Si-7 synthetic racing oil and the gas turns to look like blue Gatorade, very clear and light.

Personal Experience: Using a high quality synthetic oil will reduce smoke output to near zero.

I run 20 to 1 in my 80cc with Bel-Ray Si-7 and you cannot even see the exhaust. even not moving holding WOT
Furthermore I have tuned the engine to hit 40mph, my speedo top speed tells me 42.1 peak, this seems like a result of reduced friction and it does not get very hot.

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