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Default Re: New member........ broken pull start

Howdy Sky. Welcome to the forum. Lots of great folks down your way so be sure to check out the events section. Group rides and get togethers are a blast.

With pull starts, see this a lot, folks will cold crank and just wail/pull em with all they got. This does major damage to the mechanism and they don't last long that way.

It, pull starting, is a pretty violent action but you can be kind to your engine and pull-start by pulling gently until there is resistance. Allow spring to retract slowly. Don't let it snap back. Then with a sharp and measured pull, in line with the cord, give a good pull. if necessary, repeat. The worst, absolute worst thing for a pull-start is to just wail on it. LOL, don't ask how I learned that one.

Hope that is of some help and great to meet ya

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