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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle vs EMP

Har, lol CT

"(#4) "Hey, I said I was sorry! In-destructable means you can't break it, so in-flammable shouldn't burn!"

(#3) "Shut up, (#4) or I'll -"

(#2) "Enough! Did. You. Get. It?"

(#3) "Yeah, here." Rider takes a satchel off the handlebars and hands it over. "But here's the problem. That's the last one. There's no more to be found for at least four hours in any direction."

(#2) (Sighs.) "Well, that tears it. We've got to do it." Pulls a bottle out of the bag.

(#4) "You don't mean..."

(#3) "Oh no..."

(#2) "Yep, I know. But if this truly is the last bottle of Opti-2 in the county, then we're going to have to move."

That's gonna crack Tom up.
...and is an exciting promotional opportunity.
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