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Default Re: is it worth the potential trouble?

I really do agree with every thought above. But think WB nailed it for a first time builder.

Ya do sort of grow with a from scratch build and can feel and hear subtle changes.

Just as an example, my first build didn't feel right after a few days. Stopped and looked. The left, rear stud nut had vibrated loose. (which is kinda common) Have lost engine mounts and it is potentially a catastrophic failure that normally locks up the rear wheel.

Dunno. If it is a great deal and you have the space, might be nice to have as a spare or spare parts. But not an ideal candidate for a first ride.

Just a thought.

Forgot to say welcome to the forum.

Ride safe!

Originally Posted by wheelbender6 View Post
"No" on the $100 bike if you are a first time builder.
It will difficult for you to diagnose and fix problems if you have never experienced
a properly running motorbike. You need a little experience to differentiate
between problems that require attention and normal quirks.
I want you to enjoy your first motorbike and enjoy the hobby.
Just my opinion.
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