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Originally Posted by Egor View Post
this is a Tohatsu 50 with a top motor mount, what do you think? It is possible that the head from one of these bikes would fit on the happy engine. I had an extra engine for my bike I thought it would still be in the garage but I can't find it. I guess that was thirty years ago. LOL. It would be easy to make long head bolts and then add a bracket to pick up the frame, the 8mm bolts would work the best. Have fun, Dave. bld.
Dave, Ron


The only problem I can see with a cylinder head mount is the variety of frame geometries. I think it would be hard to make a one-size fits all kit without half of them looking cobbled together. I'm certainly open to suggestions. Once the CNC is set-up for low cost volume production the product must have mass appeal.

The front mount, rear mount, set-up works great provided you have a good set of mounts. The mounts shown in this thread worked exactly as intended. They are too big, and will be streamlined about 50% in the CNC. other than that they offered total isolation. It's really best for the engine to have a little give anyway. When mounted rigid, the engine transmits a high harmonic through the frame and itself...not good...foaming fuel, broken hardware, exhaust pipes that shake loose etc. I know race cars use solid mounts. These engines are also well balanced. This isn't a race car, and it is hardly balanced.

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