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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

This is much more mild than rogergendron's original story. But I did come across an idiot on my homeward bound commute tonight.

There's a point where I was coming out of a parking lot to cross the street and go through another strip mall parking lot. As I made my approach, the coast was clear. I have a wide view in both directions. No cars.

But then a pickup truck turned the corner and came my way, giving it the gas. Had I not, just that moment, decided to go, then I probably would have slowed and waited for him to pass. But I could gauge the situation. And though the margin of error was smaller than I, rather conservatively, usually give myself, it wasn't too close. I went for it with no fear of collision or even near-miss.

Now I'm also a highly visible rider. I have six --Yep, 6-- headlights mounted on a light bar up front. I have two tail lights. Plus I wear a hunter's orange jacket with reflective vest over it. No one can plausibly claim that they didn't see me. I'll admit that there were a couple of obstructions in his line of sight toward me. But the only one that would've really counted was transparent. It was a bus shelter. But regardless of my bright appearance, I didn't expect him to see me through these obstructions. They never do. They don't try.

But that didn't matter because my lead was large enough. I got through with plenty of room to spare. I was in the parking lot that I was aiming for before he passed behind me. Three traffic lanes, shoulder, sidewalk: we must have been 40 feet apart. As he passed I could hear him yelling at me. But I couldn't hear just what he said.

I did hear the last two words, though. And those last two words were --get this!--- "side lights".

I will admit that he might have been a bit startled when he suddenly saw me dash on through. But the gap was large enough that he should have known, and probably did know, that everything was all right before the words, "Uh-oh" even fully formed in his mind. I'd certainly forgive him for feeling a flash of mild annoyance. But he could also see that I knew what I was doing.

But he apparently couldn't let go of his unjustified grudge. So he floundered, looking for some criticism he could level against me. And he had to settle on faulting me for not having side lights!

This flea-brained nitwit (any more bug-brain metaphors?) should be thrown into a cinder block dorm and given a ration of cold chicken foot soup for the rest of his silly little life. And not be allowed out because he's unfit to mingle with those of us who pull our own weight and show some reasonable amount of respect to the strangers who share our roads.

Does that sound harsh? Okay. But it's only a little bit harsh.

And I'm not really as angry as I sound toward this guy. I'm just having fun telling anyone who'll listen what a fool he is.

But something good did happen afterward on my commute. I can't tell you about it, though, because that would be thread hijacking.

Take my word for it, though. It was cool.
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