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Default is it worth the potential trouble?

I am a serious newb to motorized bikes and this is my first post (besides an introduction).
I've been wanting to build a motorized bike for a while and have decided to do one over the winter. I was planning on picking up a new bike and a new 2 stroke kit in the next few weeks. BUT...
this morning I ran across a very used bike already built for $100. It's a basic mountain bike and looks pretty rough (dirty engine, floppy chain and cables, CDI duct taped to the frame, etc.)...BUT (again) it's only $100.
I'm weighing the pros/coms of just buying this as a start point. I do know I am probably buying someone elses problems and mistakes...
is it really worth the risk of ending up with a large space waster/ accident waiting to happen? or would it make a good starting point for me to tinker, get a feel of how these operate and how I want to build my own bike?
I guess I am really on the fence here about it...I've limited myself to a budget of $600-1000 for my build project so if I do buy it that takes out a sizeable chunk of my cash. On the other hand I've never really messed with bikes much and I kind of figure it's better to break a $100 bike than a $500-600 bike...
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