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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Sorry to hear this.

First off; you did right by being concerned about the wife and child's well-being right from the start and by not forgetting that as you got even more angry.

And you did right by venting here. Or you don't need to apologize for it, anyway. I'm sure every single one of us knows exactly what you're feeling. Even if you'd vented amongst a bunch of auto driving bicycle haters, you'd have still been right.

There's just a certain number of them out there who are so enraged by our very presence on the road that they will play fast and loose with our lives. Sure, they'll be sorry after they kill someone. But that doesn't make it any better. Might even make it worse. And if the devil himself gets a hold of them in the end I'm not gonna be really sorry about that.

But there's not a lot we can do. Ride knowing that one of them might show up at any time. Make adjustments accordingly. Hope for better days to come.
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